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P100 Pro Drone - A Farmer's Helper In Digital Transformation

The P100 Pro smart agricultural plane is proving its outstanding efficiency thanks to the application of modern technology such as smart sensor system, artificial intelligence, GPS navigation system and gradually contributing to the wave. agricultural digital transformation in rural areas of Vietnam.


Vietnam's economy is going through a difficult period, in which the agriculture sector is facing many challenges such as limited human resources, increasing input production costs and negative impacts of climate change. . With the explosive trend of digital technology in all aspects of the economy - society, the application of modern science - technology in agricultural production is the optimal solution.


In the process of agricultural digital transformation, smart agricultural products such as agricultural drones (drone) are attracting a lot of attention with the benefits and convenience that drones bring. To date, XAG P100 Pro is one of the leading agricultural drones in the smart agricultural technology market with typical improvements.


P100 Pro drone launched for the first time with Dong Thap farmers


Produced by XAG, a famous brand in drones, the P100 Pro is known as a new generation of agricultural aircraft. This is also the first unit authorized to distribute this machine in Vietnam.


In terms of design, XAG P100 Pro has a modern and compact structure, helping people quickly switch between tasks, easy to transport. The machine is equipped with outstanding improvements such as a new upgraded electrical system; 80 liter raw material container; improved 55-inch propellers increase spray efficiency; protection level IPX6K waterproof, reduce the risk of corrosion, prolong service life. The device also possesses XAG RUI spray 3 technology with dual peristaltic pumps that upgrade the machine's flow to 22L/min. The device's spreading and seeding operation is also enhanced with the intelligent screw feeder, which spreads effectively within 20 seconds and the maximum spreading speed reaches 150kg/min.


P100 Pro sprays on rice fields


This new generation drone is designed to optimize work efficiency, saving up to 30% of the cost of chemicals, 90% of water needed. It can be said that, P100 Pro not only helps to increase the efficiency of agricultural production but also helps farmers save the cost of hiring labor and raw materials.


Thanks to modern drones like the P100 Pro, farmers no longer have to regularly come into contact with pesticides and limit drug residues in agricultural products, thereby not only helping to protect their health. farmers but also bring peace of mind to consumers.


On June 28, XAG P100 Pro was first launched in Dong Thap market and will be distributed by Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative and XAG MEKONG Co., Ltd - the first unit authorized to distribute products. this in Vietnam. The device is expected to become an effective assistant for farmers, accompanying our country's agriculture in the digital transformation process, towards a smart agriculture in the near future.


XAG MEKONG is the official distributor of the first XAG brand agricultural drone in Vietnam; at the same time, providing pest management services to farmers. The products and services of XAG MEKONG are built on the foundation of combining modern technology of the world and the creative ability of Vietnamese people. Besides, constantly researching and optimizing products and services to have a harmonious combination between modern technology and farmers' farming practices, thereby raising the level of Vietnamese agricultural products in the market. international School.