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XAG Mekong Cooperation for Digital Agriculture Development

XAG Mekong and the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province support the establishment of cooperatives and train farmers on agricultural digital transformation, June 28.


Smart agriculture is the use of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, navigation systems, modern machinery and artificial intelligence (AI) in the production and management process. The goal is to increase the quality and quantity of agricultural products while saving and optimizing human labor.


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Drones spraying pesticides on fields in Dong Thap. Photo: XAG Mekong


According to a representative of XAG Mekong, people in Dong Thap want to have access to modern technologies but have limited economic resources. Therefore, everyone gathered and established Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative. Together, they cooperate and contribute capital to use products of smart agriculture at the best prices.


In addition to the opportunity to access modern equipment to help reduce costs and increase productivity, when joining a cooperative, the economic benefits of each member are also maximized. Members only have limited liability to the extent of their contributed capital, from which they can rest assured to invest, produce and do business together, and limit risks.


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Launching ceremony of Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative. Photo: XAG Mekong


The cooperative has developed a development roadmap including two main stages: accumulation of industry knowledge, building technology and business infrastructure.


In the first phase, members will be able to participate in specialized training classes including: farming techniques, input materials, natural environmental conditions and output markets. These knowledge will become the foundation for them to apply in future production and business projects.


When the members have the necessary knowledge, the cooperative will move to the stage of investing in technology and business infrastructure. This is the time when the members mechanize and digitize the production process, build machinery repair facilities and officially embark on high-tech agricultural production and services.


The unit focuses on distributing and leasing advanced agricultural equipment including automatic production machines, unmanned aerial vehicles and providing spraying and seeding services by modern agricultural aircraft. According to the actual statistics of XAG Mekong, with the flying device, farmers can save more than 90% of water, 20-40% of pesticides and increase labor productivity by 50 times compared to conventional methods. traditional farming methods.


tin tức xag

Dong Thap farmers experience the new generation agricultural aircraft XAG P100 Pro. Photo: XAG Mekong


Also on June 28, the agricultural aircraft XAG P100 Pro first appeared in Vietnam and was introduced in Dong Thap. The device reaches its largest load ever, up to 50 kg, currently distributed by Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative. Products help farmers save labor, increase efficiency in one flight and protect health when limiting direct contact with chemicals.


XAG Mekong is the distributor of XAG brand agricultural drones and pest management services for farmers. The unit constantly researches and optimizes products and services to combine modern technology and farming practices of farmers, thereby raising the bar for Vietnamese agricultural products in the international market.