Who can attend sprayer operator training?

Who can attend sprayer operator training?

Anyone can become a pilot who masters unmanned drone technology applied in agricultural production to spray fertilizers, pesticides, and sow seeds.

Trained by a team of experts, seasoned and dedicated instructors along with a detailed and scientifically developed training curriculum, students will undergo a scheduled training program from theory to practice. theory to practice of technology mastery. Not only that, when coming to XAG MEKONG's agricultural pilot training course, trainees are also instructed to impart more knowledge about flight safety, knowledge of related laws, and pesticides used for aircraft. Drones.

With what is equipped, students can confidently master the technology to bring the world's leading XAG MEKONG unmanned aerial vehicles to the sky to perform tasks to support agricultural production. very simple business after only a short time.

If you are:

  • Spraying service business person for hire
  • Corporations, agricultural farm owners
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Farm equipment dealer
  • Trading in agricultural materials
  • The owner of the field
  • Intend to invest in spraying aircraft
  • Intern

You can REGISTER NOW for agricultural aircraft operator training from XAG MEKONG.

Experience when participating in the training program

Experience when participating in the training program

  • You will master the world's most modern spraying aircraft in just 2 days of training
  • Practice "real combat", operate unmanned aircraft (spraying aircraft of all kinds XAG P100, XAG P40, XAG V40.
  • Operate drones in agriculture
  • Open up business opportunities
  • Opportunity to become a distributor
  • Meet drone experts, interact with big business in the region
Course cost

Course cost

  • You will be free of charge for this training program after investing in the spray plane experience.
  • A practical flight tour is also provided to give you a bird's-eye view of how to operate the sprayer.

Why are spraying teams successful?

Setting up a pesticide spraying station by AgriDrone AgriDrone is a highly profitable Startup model at this time. In just 3 years (2019-2021), there have been nearly 100 successful spraying stations across 3 Indochina countries. They operated

High performance

The spray plane can complete 1 hectare in just 5 minutes. Reaching more than 50 hectares/day is easy.

Ensure the best season and crop.


With a small potion, XAG MEKONG Agricultural Aircraft can evenly spread the most standard drug density/dose on the surface of an area.

Ensure maximum drug effectiveness.

Then save medicine.

High profits

Spraying 1 hectare in the Mekong Delta costs 200,000 VND. Every day XAG MEKONG Agricultural Aircraft can complete more than 50 hectares.

Rental spray station profits are extremely high.


The XAG MEKONG Airplane spraying stations link and share the spray area, supporting the work.

Success together.

Ensure success for you when investing in a rental spray station.