XAG MEKONG provides prestigious nationwide drone repair and warranty services to help you promptly handle any technical errors that arise during use.


Not only selling a machine or distributing products to an agent or spray station, XAG MEKONG is also a companion with you, standing side by side in the fields, on the nooks and crannies, to bring Give customers the best experience with Vietnam Agricultural Aircraft solution


XAG MEKONG has a team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians. The technical teams are also equipped with specialized tools and technical knowledge of the equipment. Therefore, customers are always assured of warranty service, after-sales repair, which is the solution that XAG MEKONG brings to customers.


Technical advice

Through our existing service stations, along with a toll-free hotline number, XAG MEKONG's technicians are always available to advise on technical issues related to Drones.


Our team of technicians are industrial and agricultural engineers who are always ready to be on duty, advise and provide solutions for maintenance, maintenance and troubleshooting of unmanned aerial vehicles.


Initial commissioning technical support

After completing the service delivery procedures, in addition to training programs, XAG MEKONG's technicians will also directly provide technical support for installation and operation right after receiving the product.


In addition, we also provide a continuous support team to stand with you in getting acquainted and operating the machine for a long time. Issues related to product operation and installation can be consulted remotely or directly at the machine delivery location.


Troubleshooting during improper equipment operation


Problems arising during the use of the drone solution can occur at any time. A few objective and subjective reasons that pilots may not know how to handle. At this point you will also need the technical support team of XAG MEKONG to fix the problem.


Inspection, repair and replacement


Check and evaluate the operation of the equipment system weekly/monthly/periodically. The team of technicians and engineers will regularly check the equipment, analyze and evaluate the operating status of the equipment. From there, the method of operation, repair if errors arise, and equipment maintenance are given.


Service of inspection, repair and troubleshooting of XAG MEKONG agricultural aircraft equipment takes place throughout the Vietnamese market.


We also provide services related to replacement parts and accessories for products.