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Three years ago, agricultural aircraft technology began to be widely applied to rice. In the early days, women were still very wary of this technology. Because the effectiveness of Drones is still unknown to many people. From the traditional way of spraying 25l/1000m2, only 2l/1000m2 of Drone is effective, this is the biggest barrier that agricultural aircraft have to overcome. And now, the boom in agricultural planes is the most convincing answer. The image of the Drone serving in the field has completely replaced the traditional sprayer.




Durian is currently a very hot name in the agricultural market. The story of profits up to several hundred million per hectare is true. With the good news that every day, more and more planting area codes are approved for official export by Chinese partners. This ensures that the output for durian trees is increasingly favorable and stable.




This is a joy, an opportunity, as well as a challenge for durian farmers. In order to maintain the growing area code, efforts must be made to meet many strict requirements from foreign markets. One of them is agriculture applying high technology to help create a breakthrough in productivity and quality of agricultural products, creating delicious and clean products. But similar to rice in the early days, durian farmers still do not believe in the effectiveness of Drones on durian trees. To change from traditional farming methods to farming applying new technology, there are still many barriers.




With the mission of bringing you advanced equipment capable of thoroughly solving the problem of labor, helping to increase productivity and quality of agricultural products. XAG MeKong Co., Ltd. is always looking for and combining with agile, visionary farmers to spray demonstrations. Bringing agricultural aircraft technology, specifically ??? ???? products into farming. From the success of the demonstration site, it will help you change your perception, confidently accept and apply new technology to farming.




✅ Benefits of using XAG P100 for durian trees:

70% reduction in pesticides.

90% water reduction.

Reduce 80% of labor.

Treat pests day and night.

Reduce spraying time from 10 hours to 36 minutes/ha.