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Dong Thap: Accelerating Agricultural Digital Transformation for Rural Youth

The cooperation program between the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province and XAG MEKONG Co., Ltd. is expected to establish 30 Digital Agriculture Cooperatives and direct experience stations throughout Dong Thap province.


On the morning of June 28, 2023, in Cao Lanh city (Dong Thap province), the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province and XAG Mekong Co., Ltd signed a cooperation agreement to implement agricultural digital transformation for rural youth.


Representatives of the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province and XAG Mekong Co., Ltd signed a cooperation agreement.


Accordingly, the two sides will coordinate to organize online training courses and direct agricultural digital transformation for officials of the Association at all levels and local youth, at the same time, support programs to experience and get acquainted with agricultural cultivation using advanced technology such as spraying aircraft, spreading seeds; data analysis and crop management through artificial intelligence…


XAG Mekong - the official distributor of the first XAG brand agricultural drone in Vietnam and providing pest management services to farmers - will support the Youth Union Committee at all levels in Dong Thap province in implementing agricultural digitization projects, innovating farming techniques and developing new agricultural models, supporting young people from production to consumption.


On this occasion, Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative was also officially launched. This is a unit established to promote the application of drone technology and the most advanced technology in the field of agricultural production. With the desire to develop the agricultural industry of Dong Thap province in particular and Vietnam in general, Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative brings modern technology solutions, helping people access and apply innovations in agriculture. science and technology of the world into production. From there, optimizing productivity, reducing investment costs, enhancing farming efficiency, protecting farmers' health, creating a source of clean agricultural products, meeting outstanding standards in both quality and quantity.


Learn about drone technology.


According to the cooperation agreement, the Committee of the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province will have a plan to strengthen propaganda and encourage members, young people, young businesses ... to join the Digital Agriculture Cooperative.


In addition, the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province and XAG Mekong are currently coordinating the implementation of the Direct Experience Station model. These Stations perform equipment repair functions; consulting and guiding the implementation of the digital agricultural cooperative model in particular and the agricultural digital transformation models in general. All Stations will be equipped with 4.0 agricultural machinery equipment, training and learning equipment, agricultural product floor model on the AgriVerse virtual universe, sponsored by XAG Mekong.


The products and services of XAG Mekong are built on the foundation of combining modern technology of the world and the creative ability of Vietnamese people. During its operation, XAG Mekong constantly researches and optimizes products and services in order to harmoniously combine modern technology and farmers' farming practices, in order to improve Vietnamese agricultural products. on the international market.


Agricultural drone demonstration.


Through the agricultural digital transformation activities within the framework of cooperation between the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province and XAG Mekong, the youth force, especially rural youth, will have the opportunity to participate in various programs. experience process to familiarize yourself with smart agriculture and digital platforms; application of drones, robotics, autopilot, artificial intelligence and Internet-of-things to agricultural production. From there, it is possible to create a smart farming ecosystem with the characteristics of automation, accuracy and efficiency.