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P100 Pro Agricultural Plane Revolutionizing Hi-Tech Agriculture

Thanks to the help of modern technologies such as GPS navigation systems, smart sensors and artificial intelligence, the XAG P100 Pro drone is gradually contributing to changing the way Vietnamese farmers produce food. production – towards smart fields and a new generation of farmers.



In the context that the country's economy is "surpassing", the picture of the agricultural sector continues to maintain well with a growth rate of 2.52% in the first quarter of 2023. However, there are still many challenges with agricultural product trade in 2023. Specifically, the adverse effects of climate change, the high cost of materials and input materials, and the increasingly limited labor force in agriculture...


The application of digital transformation and technical technology, led by the application of drones and IoT, is increasingly interested by farmers. One of the leading Drone products on the market today is the XAG P100 Pro.


In Dong Thap, Mr. Nguyen Thai Quoc, a 40-year-old farmer, has been learning and using drones for his banana farm since 2019. He said, before starting to apply the technology. On his farm, he relied mainly on manual labor. This puts a lot of pressure on him because he has to hire a large number of workers with high costs, the spraying efficiency is not high and it takes a lot of time.


After trying out many different agricultural aircraft carriers, he recently decided to invest in the XAG P100 Pro as soon as it hit the market because it is the newest type of drone. Since using the XAG P100 Pro, After the drone sets the parameters and planned flight route on the application, the device will automatically follow the predetermined route to perform the spraying. Drone can spray pesticides on 20-30 hectares of banana fields in one day, equivalent to the labor efficiency of 20 workers.


XAG P100 Pro agricultural plane sprays pesticides in the field


Produced by XAG - a famous technology company in the world, XAG P100 Pro has a smart folding design, owns exclusive technologies and is equipped with many outstanding innovations such as a fully upgraded electrical system. new; system of raw material tanks with a large capacity of up to 80L; the highest maximum altitude ever to make spraying easier and more precise; 4 improved 55-inch propellers increase spray efficiency; protection level IPX6K optimal waterproof, waterproof and dustproof; XAG RUI injection technology 3 with dual peristaltic pumps upgrades the flow rate of the aircraft up to 22L/min. In addition, the device's spreading and sowing operations are also more efficient with the intelligent screw feeder that spreads effectively in just 20 seconds and the maximum spreading speed reaches 150kg/min.


Through the use of XAG P100 Pro, Mr. Quoc's farm has improved productivity and quality of agricultural products thanks to the optimization of spraying operations. The amount of medicine when sprayed has a high uniformity and accuracy, the ability to stick to the leaves of the drug is good thanks to the super-fine mist particle size, which helps prevent pests and diseases effectively and quickly extinguishes the epidemic. The XAG P100 Pro sprayer also helps farmers automate the work of sowing and spreading manure; optimize the working process and save at least 30% of the cost for chemicals, 90% for water. Limiting the time and space of exposure to pesticides also helps farmers protect their own health from skin and respiratory diseases.


XAG P100 Pro received the attention of Dong Thap farmers


It is known that XAG P100 Pro is also a product of great interest to farmers in Dong Thap and will be distributed by Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative and XAG MEKONG Co., Ltd. - the pioneer unit authorized to distribute products this product in Vietnam. This is a new model, established to bring modern technological solutions to help people access and apply the world's innovations in science and technology into production. From there, optimizing productivity, reducing investment costs, enhancing farming efficiency, protecting farmers' health and above all, bringing a source of clean agricultural products, meeting outstanding standards in both quality and quantity. .

XAG MEKONG is the official distributor of pioneering XAG brand agricultural drones in Vietnam and also provides pest management services to farmers. The products and services of XAG MEKONG are built on the foundation of combining modern technology of the world and the creative ability of Vietnamese people. Besides, constantly researching and optimizing products and services to have a harmonious combination between modern technology and farmers' farming practices, thereby raising the level of Vietnamese agricultural products in the world. international markets.