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Smart Agriculture Gives New Look to Local Farming

(KGO) - In Vietnam, agriculture always plays an important role in the economy. However, with the explosion of modern technology and changes in the market, our country's agriculture needs a new direction. Moving towards smart agriculture, applying high technology to agricultural production is an inevitable trend and is expected to bring the local agriculture to the next page.


Vietnam is facing a serious shortage of human resources due to an aging population, and the workforce in the agricultural sector is no exception. Along with the trend of migration from rural to urban areas towards industrial - service zones, this situation becomes more and more urgent.


In rural areas, people are aiming to increase land accumulation through buying, selling and subleasing for large-scale production, requiring farming and agricultural production to be more efficient and cost-effective. more optimized. The above factors are a strong motivation for Vietnam's agriculture to change towards smart agriculture and application of modern technology in production.


Demonstration of automatic plow operation - intelligent self-driving equipment with farmers in Dong Thap province.


In the wave of movement towards smart agriculture, the role of rural youth is extremely important. Young people with the ability to quickly adapt and be sensitive to technology become the most targeted in the local digital transformation chain.


Understanding that, on June 28, the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province coordinated with XAG MEKONG Company Limited (XAG MEKONG) to implement activities to support the establishment of Agricultural Cooperatives. The number in the province aims to create conditions for rural youth to access and apply the world's innovations in science and technology into production. From there, encourage young people to stick, build and develop locally.


The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province and XAG MEKONG.


Cooperatives always aim for the benefits of their members, creating conditions for rural youth to participate in online and face-to-face training classes on agricultural digital transformation, experience programs, and acquaint themselves with agricultural farming. using advanced technology including automated devices and new generation unmanned aerial vehicles. This is the first step in the digital transformation of agriculture in Dong Thap province, towards a smart agriculture right on the land of pink lotus.


Access to and use of advanced and modern technologies in agricultural production helps farmers improve production efficiency, optimize costs and obtain a source of clean agricultural products that meet outstanding standards in both quality and quantity. and quantity. Dong Thap agricultural products will improve competitiveness in the consumer market, open up opportunities for trade promotion and bring a new face to the province's agriculture.


Farmers directly access and experience the new generation flying device P100 Pro.


Also at the cooperation signing ceremony on June 28, Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative introduced and demonstrated a new generation unmanned aircraft model - XAG P100 Pro. This machine is distributed by Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative and XAG MEKONG - the first unit authorized to distribute this product in Vietnam. The performance brought the most authentic look and experience to the people about the efficiency of this latest aircraft model.


XAG MEKONG is the official distributor of the first XAG brand agricultural drone in Vietnam and also provides pest management services to farmers. The products and services of XAG MEKONG are built on the foundation of combining modern technology of the world and the creative ability of Vietnamese people. Besides, constantly researching and optimizing products and services to have a harmonious combination between modern technology and farmers' farming practices, thereby raising the level of Vietnamese agricultural products in the world. international markets.