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Using Drones for Agriculture

PNO - On June 28, the Vietnam Youth Union (Vietnam Youth Union) in Dong Thap province cooperated with XAG Mekong Co., Ltd. to sign a contract to launch the implementation of agricultural digital transformation activities for rural youth; At the same time, the Digital Agricultural Cooperative was launched in the province.


Accordingly, XAG Mekong Co., Ltd. will support Youth Unions at all levels in Dong Thap province to implement a project to digitize agriculture, innovate farming techniques and develop new agricultural models, and support young people from production to consumption. Support programs to experience and familiarize yourself with agricultural farming using advanced technologies such as sprayers, seeding, data analysis and crop management through artificial intelligence; coordinate to organize online training classes and directly transform agriculture for young people and officials of associations at all levels.


The provincial Vietnam Youth Union's side will direct associations at all levels to propagate to members, rural youth and young businesses participating in digital transformation in agriculture.


Launching ceremony of Dong Thap Digital Agricultural Cooperative


The establishment of Dong Thap Digital Agricultural Cooperative this time aims to apply unmanned aerial vehicle technology and the most advanced technology in agricultural production.


With the desire to bring agriculture in Dong Thap province in particular and Vietnam in general to develop, Dong Thap Digital Agriculture Cooperative brings modern technology solutions to help people access and apply improvements in science and technology. of the world into production. From there, optimizing productivity, reducing investment costs, enhancing farming efficiency, protecting the health of farmers and above all, bringing a source of clean agricultural products that meet outstanding standards in both quality and quantity. quantity.


Introducing drones for digital agricultural production - for Dong Thap youth


In addition, the Vietnam Youth Union of Dong Thap province and XAG Mekong Co., Ltd. have also implemented the model of Direct Experience Stations. Each station performs the function of repairing, consulting and guiding the implementation of the digital agricultural cooperative model in particular and the agricultural digital transformation model in general. All stations will be equipped with 4.0 agricultural machinery equipment, training and learning equipment, and a floor model of agricultural products on the AgriVerse virtual universe.